Narrative Visualization

Drawn by Laura Garrison

This seminar teaches how visualizations of various types of data can be designed such that they are appropriate for non-experts, e.g., for broad audiences. It is inspired by recent developments in data journalism where online media are employed to create an interactive experience. The core idea is to employ principles from story telling and narration to the explanation of data. The seminar topics, cover narrative genres, such as animation, slidesets and data comics, narrative structures derived from story telling, such as the Martini Glass structure and the Freytag’s pyramid. The topics also cover a wide range of applications, including molecular visualization, visualization of astronomy data and visualizations related to business and finance data. Accordingly, different visualization technique are provided, e.g. time-line based visualization, various diagram types but also multi-scale 3D visualizations.

Overview of Narrative Visualization
Concepts and Tools for Story Generation
Applications in climate research, molecular research and astronomy
Applications in business and finance

Lecture in Visualization 

Organizational Information

Attendance times: 2 SWS, weekly seminar, independent work: preparation of the talk, preparation of the seminar work
Date: Mondays, 13:00 to 15:00
1. Lecture: 04.04.2022
Examination: student talk, seminar paper (10 pages)
ECTS-Credits: 3
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Topics and Dates

11.04.22– (Preparation time)
18.04.22– (Easter Monday)
25.04.22Thema 1: Freytag‘s Pyramid
Thema 2: Authoring Data‐Driven Videos
Thema 8
Thema 9
02.05.22Thema 4: Data Comics (Team Presentation)Thema 11
Thema 2
09.05.22Thema 3: Grouping, Framing, and Narrative Structures
Thema 7: Narrative Visualization from Tabular Data
Thema 6
Thema 4
16.05.22Thema 8: Tools for Creating Narrative Visualization
(Idyll & Co.)
Thema 9: Applications: Interactive GeoViews
Thema 6

Thema 3
23.05.22Thema 6: Annotation in Narrative Visualization (Team Presentation)Thema 1
Thema 4
30.05.22Thema 11: Applications: Climate ChangeThema 7
06.06.22– (Whit Monday)


Narrative Visualization Topic Presentation


Selected publications primarily from the following venues IEEE TVCG, ACM SIGCHI and CGF.