Visual Analytics in Healthcare

The content of this seminar covers different topics in the field of visual analytics in health care:

  • Epidemiology
  • Public Health
  • Clinical Decision Making
  • Visual Analytics for Radiology
  • Visual Analytics for Pharmaceutical Industry

The goals of this seminar is to prepare a talk that describes:

  • the problem domain carefully, incl. which decisions need to be made, which information is needed
  • how visual analytics is actually used
  • how the solutions are evaluated (criteria, tasks, participants)


Room: K058
Date: Thursday 15:15 bis 16:45 (→ see LSF)
ECTS-Credits: 3
1. Lecture:


  • Prepare and conduct a talk (about 30 min.)
  • Regular participation at the seminar (min. 2/3)


16.11.2023Philip Lindig
Ganesh Balaraju
Spatial Epidemiology
Visual Analytics for COVID-19
23.11.2023Michelle Horn
Cohort studies: design and implementation
Injury prevention
30.11.2023Md Zahangir Hossain
Food poisoning
Air quality
07.12.2023Vikas Gajanan Kale
Krutika Mahulikar
Rohit Rakesh
Big Data in Public Health
Tathagata Ghosh

Visual Analysis of Patient State


References and Templates (link)

  • for presentations and reviews
  • example preparations
Introduction & Topics