Visual Analytics in Healthcare

The content of this seminar covers different topics in the field of visual analytics in health care:

  • Epidemiology
  • Public Health
  • Clinical Decision Making
  • Visual Analytics for Radiology
  • Visual Analytics for Pharmaceutical Industry

The goals of this seminar is to prepare a talk that describes:

  • the problem domain carefully, incl. which decisions need to be made, which information is needed
  • how visual analytics is actually used
  • how the solutions are evaluated (criteria, tasks, participants)


Room: G29-335 (Monday), G29-336 (Friday)
Date: Mondays 11:00 to 13:00 / Fridays 13:00 bis 15:00 (→ see LSF)
ECTS-Credits: 3
1. Lecture: 11.10.2021


  • Prepare and conduct a talk (about 30 min.)
  • Regular participation at the seminar (min. 2/3)


Mo. 15.11. Anna Kleinau und Evgenia Stupak Modeling the Outbreak of Infectious Diseases
22.11.Jorik Jakober Spatial Epidemiology
29.11.Apoorva KaragappaVA in public Health: Air quality
06.12Kalu Kalu OjiInjury prevention
13.12.Chirag Mandal

Raman Npr.
Visual Analytics for Radiology
Identification of Subpopulations

Friday’s Seminar

19.11.Hafez Kadar OmarInteractive  Regression Analysis
Dhanush MudupurIdentification of Subpopulations
Johannes KilianBig Data in Public Health
26.11.Noah MüllerFood Poisening
Jacob Schmidt & Nastasja SteinhauerVisual  Analysis of Patient State 
10.12.Jeffy Elson, Preetam Naik & Pritha GhosalVisual  Analysis of Groups of Patients
Cindy MarquezDecision- Aid for medical risk communication
17.12.Sathya Murugan & Sidharth ThambirajVisual Analytics for  Radiology
Danyil Kosenko & Saiyudh MannanModeling the Outbreak of Infectious Diseases


References and Templates (link)

  • for presentations and reviews
  • example preparations
Introduction & Topics