Medical Visualization – Lab

The goal of this exercise is to repeat important content from the lecture and to gain practical experiences with different processing software.

Lab Slides

Similar to the lecture, the lab will be performed in person.

From 10.04. onward, a new exercise sheet will be put online every Wednesday. During the semester 10 homework sheets will be published. Each sheet will have 5 tasks, thus there will be 50 tasks in total. To be admitted to the exam, at least 2/3 of the points (33 or more) must be achieved. The solutions are only counted if you are coming to the exercise session and are able to present the solutions.

For the organization of the course we will use eLearning/Moodle. You can login with your student account at the university.

Additional Materials:

Datasets for the Exercis:

0110.04.No Exercise Class
0117.04. Organizational Information
Introduction of Arrays and Images
0224.04.Presentation of Exercise Sheet 1
Introduction of Filtering and Segmentation
0301.05.No exercise
Due to the public holiday “Tag der Arbeit
0408.05.Presentation of Exercise Sheet 2
0515.05.Presentation of Exercise Sheet 3
Guide for Marching Squares
0622.05.Presentation of Exercise Sheet 4
0729.05.Presentation of Exercise Sheet 5
0805.06.Presentation of Exercise Sheet 6
0912.06.Presentation of Exercise Sheet 7
1019.06.Presentation of Exercise Sheet 8
1126.06.Presentation of Exercise Sheet 9
1203.07.Presentation of Exercise Sheet 10
1310.07.Questions & Exam preparation – Only on demand!