Medical Visualization – Lab

The goal of this exercise is to repeat important content from the lecture and to gain practical experiences with different processing software.

The exercise is voluntary. Attendance is no prerequisite for the exam.

Lab Slides

Similar to the lecture, the lab will be performed virtually.

From 21.04. onward, a new homework and/or practical exercise will be put online here every Wednesday. In the following week we will provide sample solutions for the current homework and practical exercise.

For asking and answering questions about homework and exercises please use Moodle.

You can login with your student account at the university. There you will find a forum for each homework and practical exercise of the lab. Write your questions about the corresponding homework or practical exercise and we will answer them. After providing the respective sample solution, you have 3 days to post questions about this homework or exercise in the corresponding forum (will be opened when providing the solutions). Afterwards, this forum will be closed. Please check before you ask a question of whether it is already answered in the forum.

0121.04. Medical Imaging
Homework: Medical Imaging
Solution: Medical Imaging
0228.04. Medical Image Processing
Homework: Medical Image Processing
Solution: Medical Image Processing
0305.05. Introduction to MeVisLab
Homework: Indirect Volume Visualization
Solution: Indirect Volume Visualization
Material - Lab 03
0412.05. Segmentation in MeVisLab
Homework: Volume Rendering
Solution: Volume Rendering
Material - Lab 04
0519.05. Fiber Tracking in MeVisLab
Homework: Illustrative Visualization
Solution: Illustrative Visualization
Solution - Lab 05
0702.06. Shader: GPU Ray Casting
Homework: Interaction
Solution: Interaction
Material - Lab 07
Solution - Lab 07
0809.06.Lab 07 continued
0916.06. Shader: Distance-Aware Laplacian Smoothing
Homework: Uncertainty
Solution: Uncertainty
Material - Lab 09
Solution - Lab 09
1023.06. Shader: Blood Flow
Homework: Vessel Visualization
Solution: Vessel Visualization
Material - Lab 10
Solution - Lab 10.1
Solution - Lab 10.2
1130.06.Lab 10 continued