Welcome to the Visualization Group at the University of Magdeburg

The group was established in March 2003 and is headed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Preim.
The visualization group plays an active role in the bachelor and master programs of computational visualistics and regularly offers lectures on Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, Medical Visualization and Computer-Supported Diagnosis and Treatment. Our research is focussed on visualization and interaction techniques for medical education, diagnosis and therapy planning.


  • VisGroup @ Innovations en Anatomie

    We contributed to the “Innovations en Anatomie” lectures of the French “Académie de Chirurgie” with a talk on “VR and AR in anatomy teaching: https://youtu.be/5n6lV5j6PBg?t=2997

  • VisGroup@VCBM

    The Vis. group contributes with four papers to this year’s VCBM workshop (Link: vcbm.org)

    Benjamin Behrendt, David Pleuss-Engelhardt, Matthias Gutberlet and Bernhard Preim.

    “2.5D Geometric Mapping of Aortic Blood Flow Datafor Cohort Visualization”




    Vikram Apilla, Benjamin Behrendt, Kai Lawonn, Bernhard Preim, Monique Meuschke.

    “Automatic Animations to Analyze Blood Flow Data”




    Laura Garrison, Monique Meuschke, Jessica Fairman, Noeska N. Smit, Bernhard Preim, Stefan Bruckner.

    “An Exploration of Practice and Preferences for the VisualCommunication of Biomedical Processes”



    Kai Ostendorf, D. Mastrodicasa, Katja Bäumler, M. Codari, V. Turner, M. J. Willemink, D. Fleischmann, Bernhard Preim, Gabriel Mistelbauer.

    “Shading Style Assessment for VesselWall and Lumen Visualization”

  • 1st Place for the Dirk Bartz Price for Visual Computing in Medicine
    Benjamin Behrendt was awarded with the first place for the Dirk Bartz Price at the virtual 2021 EuroVIS conference. His work on visual exploration of cerebral blood flow data allows for the interactive selection and generation of flow features to support treatment decisions for physicians.
  • Reichart Prize Award 2021

    We are pleased to announce that our colleague Monique Meuschke has been awarded the Reichart Prize 2021.
    The Reichart Prize is awarded annually to excellent young researchers with an indisciplinary focus.
    This year, Monique Meuschke was able to prevail against 20 other applicants with her research focus on cerebral aneurysms.

  • New member of the VIS group
    We are happy that Sarah Mittenentzwei joined our team. She will be primarily working with Monique Meuschke and advance our research in visual analytics applied to medical data and narrative visualization.
  • VisGroup@EuroVis

    We are happy that three submissions of our group were accepted at EuroVis this year:

    Gabriel Mistelbauer et al.: Implicit Modeling of Patient-Specific Aortic Dissections with Elliptic Fourier Descriptors

    Presentation session on YouTube

    Benedikt Mayer et al.: VEHICLE: Validation and Exploration of the Hierarchical Integration of Conflict Event Data

    Presentation session on YouTube

    Pepe Eulzer, Monique Meuschke et al: Visualizing Carotid Blood Flow Simulations for Stroke Prevention

    Presentation session on YouTube

  • Vis @ Bio+Med+Vis Spring School

    We contributed to the first Bio+Med+Vis Spring School:

    Gabriel Mistelbauer
    “Visualization of Vascular Structures”

    Bernhard Preim
    “A Critical Analysis of the Evaluation Practice in Medical Visualization”

  • Price at the Dirk Bartz competition (Eurographics Medical Price)
    A team lead by Dr. Benjamin Behrendt will be awarded a price at the Dirk Bartz competition, which will be presented at this year’s EuroVis conference. Their contribution describes an explorative system for the visualization of intracranial blood flow and is a joint project between the University of Magdeburg and the Linköping University in Sweden.
  • Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Preis für Jun.-Prof. Kai Lawonn
    Our former staff member Kai Lawonn was selected for the the prestigeous Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Price from the German Research Council. Accross all scientific disciplines, only 10 scientist receive this award.
  • IEEE VR Conference

    We are happy that our first papers are accepted for the IEEE VR conference:

    • VR System for the Restoration of Broken Cultural Artifacts on the Example of a Funerary Monument
    • A VR/AR Environment for Multi-User Liver Anatomy Education
    • Collaborative VR for Liver Surgery Planning using Wearable Data Gloves: An Interactive Demonstration