Visualization – Exercises

These are the materials used in the exercises. All relevant organizational information is contained in the introductory slide set.
The notebooks listed under “Additional material” do not have to be prepared in advance. They are used during the practical part of the exercises.

Week ofExercise sheetAdditional material
16.10.none Introduction
Notebook 0
23.10. Exercise Sheet 1Notebook 1
30.10. Exercise Sheet 2Notebook 2
06.11.Practical session
13.11. Exercise Sheet 3Notebook 3
20.11. Exercise Sheet 4Notebook 4
27.11.No exercise sessions this week
04.12. Exercise Sheet 5Notebook 5
11.12. Exercise Sheet 6Notebook 6
18.12. Exercise Sheet 7Notebook 7
08.01. Exercise Sheet 8Notebook 8
15.01. Exercise Sheet 9Notebook 9
Exercise Sheet 9 - Example Images
22.01.Presentation of Master task solutions