Three-dimensional & Advanced Interaction

This master module is dedicated to the development of natural user interfaces (UI) that are based on our experiences in dealing with the real world. Main focus of the lecture are 3D user interfaces (3DUI) as well as the applied devices and interaction techniques. Augmented & Virtual Reality applications and general interactive 3D graphics play a more and more important role in the industry, medical technology, digital product development, the exploration of 3D city and terrain models, in the field of edutainment, and in the game industry.

You will gain knowledge about basic hardware technologies, tracking methods, interaction principles, and examples of use. Besides the individual use, we also consider the special requirements of a collaborative interaction with virtual worlds.

Organizational details:

Language: English


Time/room: See LSF.

Excursion: On December 19, we meet at 13:00 at Fraunhofer ElbeDome (in the regular lecture time, 360° Mixed-Reality Lab – Elbedome)

Lecture slides
3D Perception and Cognition
Basic 3D Interaction: Selection
Basic 3D Interaction: Transformation
3D Input Devices
3D Output Devices ( Alternative: 3D Output Devices PDF )
3D Navigation
Advanced 3D Interaction
System Control and Symbolic Input
Software for 3D UIs and VR
Introduction to Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality in Medicine