Projects at the Chair of Visualization

On this page you will find information about the different types of projects offered at the Chair of Visualization. More information about the project types can be found in the module handbook (BA / MA).

Software Project

This project is aimed at Bachelor students. It is related to the lecture IT Project Management. It is intended to provide students with experience in planning and coordinating their activities in relation to a manageable software project. Therefore it should be worked on in a team. 3-4 students are the ideal size. Requirements specification, milestones, documentation of the design, implementation, testing – the whole cycle should be gone through and documented. The software aspect is central. The software project can be completed with grade or mock.

Scientific Team Project

This type of project is obligatory for all Master students and is classified in the area of key competences. According to the Master’s course it should have a scientific aspect, i.e., it can include “risky” parts. Software development will mostly be a part of it, but is not central; neither is documentation in this context. To be evaluated at the end is a report that describes the topic scientifically; starting from research questions/problem description as clear as possible, state of the research with a proper research, design (justification of decisions). The Scientific Team Project is completed with a grade.

Scientific Individual Project

The individual project is intended only for selected students with above-average grades, who are thus to be introduced to the working group in a particularly intensive manner, so that they are enabled to write an excellent Master’s thesis. As a guideline, WIPs are for the top 20% of students. Thus, there is no student entitlement to be offered a WIP. A WIP usually comes about by a professor inviting a student to do one, usually on the basis of an excellent exam performance. At that, the professor is largely responsible for the concrete assignment of the topic and also for the supervision of the work. The scientific character is clearly in the foreground here. For STPs and SW projects it is more common that the professor only takes a background role. The individual scientific project is completed with a grade.