Excellent Phd thesis finished

Monique Meuschke has finished her excellent Phd thesis on computer-assisted exploration of cerebral bloodflow with an outstanding defense. Monique developed a set of tools, integrated in an overall framework, that supports the analysis of scalar, vector and tensor data resulting from CFD simulations. Variants of the flow, e.g. after simulated treatment with different devices can be compared. A special tool enables to cluster the (time-dependent) flow, to map it to a half sphere and finally to classify it according to known flow patterns that impose a different rupture risk. Monique was extraordinarily active in publishing her results leading to 3 IEEE TVCG papers and another 7 journal papers that appeared in the Computer Graphics Forum, IEEE CG&A and Computers & Graphics.
In her dissertation she supported the entire workflow of evaluation with powerful tools. The methods are consistently tailored to the needs of medical researchers and fluid scientists and enable a better understanding of the complex simulation results. Among other things, their tools make it possible to analyze and abstract the blood flow and to classify it by means of an automated comparison with known flow patterns. In her doctoral phase, which lasted only 3.5 years, she summarized these papers in 10 journal publications, of which she is the first author of 7 of these publications. After an outstanding defense, her dissertation was awarded Summa Cum Laude.