BVM Award

Moniqe Meuschke, research assistant at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, received the Bildverarbeitung-für-die-Medizin (BVM) Award for her dissertation. The BVM Award is presented by the BVM Award Committee for innovative work in the field of medical image processing. In her dissertation she created a visual analysis of blood flow data in cerebral aneurysms. This is a disease of the cerebral artery. The vessel wall is bulging, posing a risk that the vessel will rupture. “Causes for the development and progression, as well as the effects of various treatment options, are poorly understood for these diseases. A computer-assisted analysis of medical data could provide fundamental support for the work of doctors and the decisions to be made,” explains the young scientist.
In her doctoral thesis, Dr. Meuschke visualised the relationships between the vascular mechanics and the internal blood flow that exerts forces on the walls. The goal was to find possible causes for the rupture of the aneurysm and to plan the best possible treatment.

In 2009, Moniqe Meuschke began her studies of Computational Visualistics with the application subject medicine at the University of Magdeburg. After her master’s degree, she did her doctorate in the Visualization Group under Prof. Bernhard Preim. Already during her studies she was interested in medical visualizations that help doctors to recognize diseases as early as possible and thus find the best treatment for patients.