Best Paper and Honorable Mention award at VCBM 2015!

We are delighted that our submission “A Survey of Cardiac 4D PC-MRI Data Processing” received the Honorable Mention award at the VCBM 2015 workshop. The survey paper was authored by Benjamin Köhler and was developed in cooperation with Silvia Born, University of Zürich, Roy van Pelt, Philips Heathcare, Eindhoven, as well as Uta Preim of the Municipal Hospital Magdeburg. Furthermore, our submission “Histology-Based Evaluation of Optical Coherence Tomographic Characteristics of the Cerebral Artery Wall via Virtual Inflating” won the best paper award! Sylvia Glaßer’s work is the result of a novel cooperation between the visualization group, the Institute of Neuroradiology and the Institute of Pathology from the University hospital of Magdeburg and the Departments of Medical Engineering and Fluid Dynamics and Technical Flows from the University of Magdeburg. Both papers are invited to be extended as journal publication for the Computer Graphics Forum.

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