Christoph Russ: Excellent Master thesis

Christoph Russ has successfully completed his study in computational visualistics with an extraordinary master thesis on virtail endoscopy. Christoph dealt with virtual endoscopy already in the practical stage of his study where he worked in Australia on that topic.

The master thesis was accomplished at SIEMENS Corporate Research, Princeton, New Jersey and jointly supervised by Dr. Patric Ljung and Christoph Kubisch (Visualization research group, Univ. Magdeburg). In his thesis, Christoph Russ developed new methods for an automatic and realistic display of the colon wall and colon wall abnormalities for virtual colonoscopy, an endoscopic procedure to detect colon cancer at an early stage. Christoph used modern computer graphics hardware in a sophisticated manner.

The core aspects of the thesis have already been published at the well-known Volume Graphics conference, where Christoph presented the work as first author of the scientific publication. He was awarded a master degree with distinction for his extraordinary achievements.

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