VR: Build your Aneurysm

Virtual simulations are a common possibility to provide neurosurgeons with additional training for cerebral aneurysm clipping. To provide appropriate training, the data/models (in this case aneurysms) have to be realistic and different cases should be included. This can be done by using patient-specific data. The problem is that the data is not always available and there are rare cases, so the user cannot train with many different models. Therefore, we are searching for a student who will implement an application to build own aneurysms that can be included in an existing clipping simulation.

Your task would be to:

  • research existing and similar approaches and acquire some knowledge about cerebral aneurysms
  • implement an interactive application where the user virtually builds aneurysms

The project should be realized in the game engine Unity, thus the following is required:

  • knowledge of basic computer graphics
  • experience with C# (and Unity)