Vis-Group at EuroVis 2013

We are happy that two of our submissions for the EuroVis conference in Leipzig were finally accepted and will appear in the Computer Graphics Forum.

Kai Lawonn is the principal author of the paper “Streamlines for Illustrative Real-time Rendering” where he suggests a new method to place lines on surfaces of complex (anatomical) surface models. These lines are seeded along curvature-related vector fields and provide more shape information than conventional feature lines. The line generation process, including curvature estimation, as well as the efficient rendering is described in the paper.

Mathias Neugebauer introduced “AmniVis – A System for Qualitative Exploration of Near-Wall Hemodynamics in Cerebral Aneurysms”. The paper is based on many in-depth discussions with neuroradiologists and aims to present results of unsteady (time-dependent) CFD simulations intuitively and effectively. Essential questions, guiding this research, are: How can the user efficiently select relevant time steps? What features are particularly interesting? How they can be emphasized and assessed?

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