The Web3D “LiverAnatomyExplorer” was accepted for IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications

Our submission “The LiverAnatomyExplorer: A WebGL-based Surgical Teaching Tool” was accepted for a special issue of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications on Web-Based 3D visualizations.

The paper describes the design, implementation and evaluation of a liver anatomy system that conveys different variants of the liver anatomy based on 13 datasets. 2D slice-based and 3D visualizations with a number of interaction techniques to explore the data are provided. State-of-the-art Web3D technologies and frameworks, like WebGL and X3DOM, are employed to provide a solution without any plugins. In contrast to other web-based training systems, the LiverAnatomyExplorer is based on a representative set of cases and provides more interactive features. The paper was authored by Steven Birr, Jeanette Mönch, Uta and Bernhard Preim.

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