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We are happy that the two submissions for the SciVis conference within IEEE VisWeek ( were accepted for presentation.

The paper “Semi-Automatic Vortex Extraction in 4D PC-MRI Cardiac Blood Flow Data using Line Predicates” was prepared by Ben Köhler and colleagues and represents the major results of Ben’s Master thesis. Features of measured cardiac blood flow are related to severe pathologies. This work was only possible with substantial support from the Herzzentrum Leipzig (Prof. Gutberlet, Dr. Uta Preim) who provided these very special kind of data and greatly helped to interpret them and guide the analysis towards clinically relevant features.

Jan Kretschmar (SIEMENS Forchheim and Phd student in Erlangen) prepared a paper “Interactive Patient-Specific Vascular Modeling with Sweep Surfaces” on the creation of vascular surfaces models that are not only smooth and accurate but also appropriate for blood flow simulation. We could slightly contribute to Jan’s work and extend the cooperation that already lead to a EuroVis paper last year.

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