Excellent Master Thesis and Phd Thesis defended

Monique Meuschke provided an extraordinary Master thesis analyzing aortic blood flow data. Monique developed techniques to automatically classify vortices with respect to the stage in cardiac cycle (systolic, diastolic), to their extent (major and minor flow), flow direction, helical or vertical flow and the aortic section where the vortex occurs. All criteria are defined manually so far according to many clinical publications. Monique could develop methods that are quite robust and precise according to evaluations with real (pathologic patient data). The excellently written and presented thesis was judged with the highest possible grade by both reviewers. We are happy that Monique now joins the STIMULATE team, in particular the hemodynamics group.

Juliane Dinse, external Phd student of the Vis group and staff member at MPI Leipzig, defended her thesis. She dealt with neuroanatomical modelling looking for both the myeloarchitecture and the cytoarchitecture of human brains. She processed and analyzed histological images of human brains and 7 Tesla MR images using various theories and models to correlate them with each other. For this work, Juliane was awarded with a MICCAI Young Investigators award in 2013. This year she could publish a comprehensive paper in NeuroImage. Due to the excellent feedback from the external reviewers, both specialized in neurological image processing, Dorit Merhof (RWTH Aachen) and Guido Gerig who recently moved to New York the thesis was judged as “Summa Cum Laude”.

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