VIS group involved in five papers being presented at the IEEE VIS this year!

We are happy to announce that we could spearhead and contribute to five papers being presented at this years IEEE VIS.

3D Regression Heat Map Analysis of Population Study Data” Paul Klemm, Kai Lawonn, Sylvia Glaßer, Uli Niemann, Katrin Hegenscheid, Henry Völzke, Bernhard Preim.

Occlusion-free Blood Flow Animation with Wall Thickness Visualization” Kai Lawonn, Sylvia Glaßer, Anna Vilanova, Bernhard Preim, Tobias Isenberg.

Cluster Analysis of Vortical Flow in Simulations of Cerebral Aneurysm Hemodynamics” Steffen Oeltze-Jafra, Juan R. Cebral, Gábor Janiga, Bernhard Preim.

Glyph-based Comparative Visualization for Diffusion Tensor Fields” Changgong Zhang, Thomas Schultz, Kai Lawonn, Elmar Eisemann, Anna Vilanova.

CG&A paper: “Interactive Visual Analysis of Heterogeneous Cohort Study Data” Paolo Angelelli, Steffen Oeltze, Judit Haász, Cagatay Turkay, Erlend Hodneland, Arvid Lundervold, Astri J. Lundervold, Bernhard Preim, Helwig Hauser

We look forward to the presentations!

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