Student Project – Gamification concepts for a VR application to train access in skull surgeries

Immersive virtual reality (VR) simulations are a common possibility to provide surgeons with additional training. One of the main benefits is the high motivation due to a high sense of presence. Nevertheless, the motivation can be increased by adding feedback and gamification aspects. Therefore, we are looking for a student, who will investigate and implement gamification concepts that are appropriate for an already existing medical VR training application.

Your task would be to:

  • research existing and similar approaches regarding gamification and acquire some medical background
  • develop appropriate gamification concepts
  • implement these concepts in an existing VR training application
  • conduct a user study to evaluate the developed concepts

The project has to be realised in the game engine Unity, thus the following is required:

  • knowledge of basic computer graphics
  • experience with C# (and Unity)

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