Jeanette Mönch defended her Phd thesis

With an excellent presentation, Jeanette nicely rounded up her Phd thesis on the conceptual design of surgical training systems. She developed guidelines for the didactical conception, development, and evaluation of computer based surgical training and learning systems. Together with Konrad Mühler and Kerstin Kellermann, she implemented these guidelines in the development of the LiverSurgeryTrainer and the SpineSurgeryTrainer.
The LiverSurgeryTrainer supports the training of preoperative decisions in liver surgery based on a representative set of case data. The SpineSurgeryTrainer conveys anatomical knowledge, therapeutical options and decision criteria for the planning and training of interventions in spine surgery.
The commission with the reviewers Prof. Marc Hassenzahl and Prof. Winfried Marotzki lead by Prof. Dietmar Rösner assessed her overall achievements with the very good grade “Magna Cum Laude”.

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