Rocco Gasteiger lead a team that came up with a successful submission for this years IEEE VisWeek. The paper “Automatic Detection and Visualization of Qualitative Hemodynamic Characteristics in Cerebral Aneurysms” is a joint work with the Visual Computing group of the University of Magdeburg, the Biomedical Engineering group of the Technical University of Eindhoven (in particular Dr. Anna Vilanova and Dr. Roy van Pelt), the department of Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics at the University of Magdeburg, and the University Hospital Magdeburg. With this method, important hemodynamic characteristics such as the inflow jet and the impingement zone of blood flow in cerebral aneurysms (see the images) can be extracted and visualized automatically and reliably. The paper will appear in the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Graphics (TVCG).

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